Deeper into the Abyss

I recently got back from a trip with my partner to see our families.  The entire time was perplexing.  Before the trip, I was thinking of everything I wanted to do with any downtime I’d have while away (this is always slightly ridiculous because seeing family always means there is no downtime) and sorting out what I’d bring with me.  I had been learning more HTML and CSS and initially thought that it would be good to work on my site.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized what a terrible idea that would have been.  I decided not to stress to much about the site and to leave with my tarot deck and ipad to read Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Way of the Tarot.

I chose wisely…

On the flight to California, I began where I left off about a year ago and it was like something clicked.  The system seemed less daunting and the Tarot, for once, made sense.   What’s more interesting is that the entire trip was riddled with talk of the paranormal, astrology, tarot and magic.  It seems like everyone I talked to had something to say about high strangeness.   It felt like I was on course.

I’ve been back for a week now and I’ve kept reading through Jodo’s book and even started daring to pull a daily card again.  This new comprehension coupled with the knowledge I continue to gain in astrology makes me think that there is something moving me along a course — it’s a strange feeling.  I came back to the site today and had an amazingly productive day working out layout things — I was worried I would have lost what I had worked on but it feels like each of these little things is finding its place.

New Blog

So This is my first blog post and it’s crazy to think of leaving Facebook and all that stuff.  I dunno, I’m just hoping someone uses this to keep in touch, it’s kind of a weird feeling knowing that I’m running the risk of simply talking into a void but I guess that’s better than feeding an algorithm, or at least, feeding a less aggressive and libertarian algorithm.  Anyways, I’m new to this whole web development thing so I’m really hoping to bring a unified aesthetic to all of the disparate plug-ins (PHPbb is awesome but looks like crap).  I’ll be posting more media and stuff that is on my mind.  Things are getting crazy in this country but it’s my hope that we’ll take back the means of communication and stop giving these tech weirdos so much damn info that they can flip for a profit.